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Take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the fully automated Epson printhead production in Japan for a rare glimpse into the advanced technology behind PrecisionCore.

Meet the experts

Hear from Epson's team of experts, who spent years bringing this groundbreaking printhead to the forefront of technology, and see what went into one of the largest strategic investments in Epson’s history.

Textile Printing

Designed for the purpose of dye-sublimation and direct-to-garment printing, Epson's F-series textile printers are powered by our revolutionary PrecisionCore printhead technology that enables fast, high quality and reliable printing.

The Future of Printing Reinvented

PrecisionCore technology represents a leap forward in printing performance. With the flexibility to deliver high-speed solutions for commercial, industrial and office printing, PrecisionCore enables superior output quality and durability on the widest range of media.

“Epson’s strategic investment in PrecisionCore is one of the largest in our history.” – Minoru Usui, President of Seiko Epson Corporation


Inch for inch, PrecisionCore printheads are one of the fastest inkjet delivery technologies in the world, with up to twice the resolution of Epson’s conventional printheads, and the ability for each nozzle to produce dot sizes from 1.5~33 picolitres (1 pl = one trillionth of a litre) on demand up to 50,000 times a second. These print nozzles are capable of producing a wide variety of droplet sizes with ultra-precise control of dot size, shape and placement, enabling both fine detail and quick filling of larger areas—all at a single pass.

Output Quality
With precise, multi-size droplet control capabilities and perfectly formed silicon nozzles, PrecisionCore provides superior text and image sharpness across a wide range of ink and media with micron-level precision. The nozzles can reconfigure themselves in around 1/10,000 of a second to deliver small and beautifully round drops, allowing for fine details and smooth edges and gradations, along with fast area fills.
Output Durability
PrecisionCore printhead technology gives Epson immense flexibility in the fluids it jets. This allows the development of various ink formulations capable of achieving superior print durability, which is critical for applications ranging from office paperwork and industrial labels, to vehicle wraps that must last several years, and to garments you may wash hundreds of times. Each Epson ink is specifically designed to provide the kind of durability required for particular applications.

PrecisionCore printhead technology takes full advantage of its piezo characteristics to keep working reliably. Utilising piezo elements to mechanically eject the ink, this heatless system prolongs printhead longevity, providing reliable long-term operation. The piezo element can also act as a highly-sensitive sensor which is able to detect irregularities such as whether an air bubble has interrupted firing, or if rising ink viscosity is causing issues—all within milliseconds. The technology’s ability to self-diagnose its own capabilities allows it to continually sustain the system with minimal maintenance downtime.

Ink & Media Flexibility

The no-heat operation of PrecisionCore allows it to eject a wider range of inks and marking materials, including aqueous dye and pigment types, eco-solvent inks and UV curable inks. This characteristic also enables Epson’s ink chemists to choose from a wider selection of colourants, binders, and other active ingredients, and use them in greater concentrations, resulting in vivid output with outstanding durability.


PrecisionCore builds on Epson’s longstanding reputation for output quality, at the speeds and reliability required for industrial and commercial printing. This highly scalable technology now powers products ranging from desktop printers through to commercial and industrial systems such as large-scale label presses. This is achievable through the modularity of PrecisionCore print chips, which allows them to be arranged in both serial printhead and fixed linehead configurations.

Printers Powered by PrecisionCore

Industrial Printing