Epson Enhanced Matte Paper / Archival Matte Paper

A superior media that outputs images that are vivid and vibrant and accentuates shadowy areas, the enhanced matte paper is the perfect solution for museum quality photographic and fine art works. 

The Versatile Matte Enhanced Media has a luxurious weight and feel that gives your output a sturdy look. It is able to output images with sharp and crisp details, coupled with vivid and vibrant colours.

Applications include gallery and museum quality prints, as well as fine art work.
ขนาด: 17" x 100'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S041725
ขนาด: A3
นับ: 50 Sheets
SKU: C13S041344
ขนาด: 24" x 100'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S041595
ขนาด: 36" x 100'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S041596
ขนาด: 44" x 100'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S041597
ขนาด: A2
นับ: 25 sheets
SKU: C13S042095
ขนาด: 64" x 100'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S042135