Epson Robot RS3

A Unique Rotating Arm Mechanism for Unparalleled Freedom of Movement

RS Series robots feature ceiling-mount design and a rotating arm for shortest-path access to the workpiece. Innovative arm design ensures high productivity while allowing very compact workcell configuration. 

      • Handles payloads up to 3kg
      • Outstanding productivity in limited space
      • Ceiling mount and rotating arm enable workpiece to be accessed from any direction



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A New Dimension in SCARA Performance
The RS Series ceiling-mount design and rotating arm enable maximum productivity in minimum space. Innovative arm design eliminates work area dead space, ensuring greater freedom of movement and significantly faster cycle times.

New, Unique Work Space Design
With a new innovative arm structure, the RS Series robots utilise the entire workspace underneath the arm, defeating the "old" SCARA design limitations of lost space in the centre of the work envelope.

Zero Footprint Robot
With the ceiling mount design and the 100% workspace utilisation, RS Series robots are a great alternative to cartesian, gantry and typical SCARA robots because they literally have a zero footprint - saving you valuable floor space.

Superior Cycle Throughput
RS Series robots manoeuvre under themselves for the shortest movements possible, delivering superior cycle rates.

Optimized Workcell Design Examples
Stand Alone Cell Design
The unique work envelope of Epson RS Series robots allow for unprecedented design flexibility with over 360 degrees of axis rotation for omni directional access. This makes RS Series robots perfect for process heavy applications where large quantities of parts are presented to process or testing stations.

Assembly Line Design
Epson RS Series robots are capable of easy integration into extremely compact line design layouts due to the unique workspace design, zero footprint and ceiling mount configuration.

Multiple Pallets within Work Envelope
The new work space design of RS Series robots allows for multiple pallets to be placed close together, maximizing the use of valuable floor space while also reducing cycle times.


Payload: Rated 1kg / Max 3kgArm Length: 350mmRepeatability: Joints #1, #2: ±0.01mm
Joint #3: ±0.01mm
Joint #4: ±0.01°Standard Cycle Time: 0.34secInstallation Environment: Standard / Cleanroom & ESDMounting Type: Ceiling