Epson Robot LS10-B

A Versatile New Addition to the Proven Reliability and Performance of LS Series

With their simple arm design and proven reliability and functionality, LS Series robots are an ideal solution for all kinds of pick-and-place and assembly tasks. Dedicated controllers ensure quick setup and unrivalled operating ease.

      • Handles payloads up to 10kg
      • Available with 600mm, 700mm or 800mm arm length
      • Ideal for applications requiring high inertia or use of complex toolheads
      • Batteryless motor unit for reduced maintenance
      • Built-in Ethernet port for easy camera connectivity



      For more information on other robot models, please download the range catalogue here

The Value Line of Epson SCARA Robots
The Epson LS Series SCARA robots were created with reduced cost in mind. A wide variety of low-cost technologies including the RC90 controller are used with the LS Series robots. However, the Epson LS Series robots are still packed with the same performance and reliability our users have come to expect from Epson. 

Outstanding cost-performance and reliability
The Epson LS Series SCARA robots provide fast cycle times, great work envelopes, and best in class ease of use with the RC90 controller and EPSON RC+ development software.

With their small footprint and big feature set, LS Series robots are the cost-effective solution for all kinds of pick-and-place and assembly tasks. Ideal as replacements for older Cartesian units, they feature dedicated controllers for unrivalled operating ease.

Epson LS Series SCARA Robots are ideally suited for the Lab Automation, Medical, Consumer, Food, Automotive, Electronics, PC Peripheral, Semiconductor, Plastics, Appliance and Aerospace industries.


Payload: Rated 5kg / Max 10kgArm Length: 600mm | 700mm | 800mmRepeatability: Joints #1, #2: ±0.02mm | ±0.02mm | ±0.025mm
Joint #3: ±0.01mm
Joint #4: ±0.01°Standard Cycle Time: 0.39sec | 0.41sec | 0.44secInstallation Environment: Standard / CleanroomMounting Type: Table Top