Epson Robot G20

For Fast, Efficient, High-payload Handling and Batch-packing Applications

G Series robots have added water resistance and dust resistance to their class-leading speed, repeating and low residual vibration. With advanced features and functions, they can significantly boost productivity in a wide range of applications.

      • Handles payloads up to 20kg
      • Available with 850mm or 1000mm arm length
      • Long reach and heavy payload



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Long Reach and Heavy Payload
Epson G20 robots are ideal for applications involving transportation of heavy loads in large work areas, such as packaging, automotive, electrical, food, pharmaceutical, and medical as well as other industries - All which require heavy payloads, long reach and first-class performance. G20 robots along with all G-Series robots, feature our Max-R high rigidity arm design which results in high speed performance and heavy payloads along with higher duty cycles. G20 robots come with our Micro PowerDrive RC180 Controller with its powerful servo system to maximise arm performance and industry leading ease of use. With up to 20 kg payload capacity and 850 or 1000mm arm reach, the G20 is the perfect robot for your larger jobs.

G20 robots are perfect for load/unload applications such as for machine tools because of the long reach arm, high payload and extended Z axis. With a very high U-Axis moment of inertia capability, heavy payloads can be moved quickly and reliably with no end of arm shake as found with competitive models. All G20 robots are available in table top, ceiling or wall mount configurations. Each of the G20 robots are available in Clean/ESD, IP65 or IP54 configurations for cleanroom, static sensitive assembly processes, and food or material handling applications where washdown or dustproof capabilities are required.


Payload: Rated 10kg / Max 20kgArm Length: 850mm | 1000mmRepeatability: Joints #1, #2: ±0.025mm
Joint #3: ±0.01mm
Joint #4: ±0.005°Standard Cycle Time: 0.37sec | 0.42secInstallation Environment: Standard / Cleanroom & ESD / ProtectionMounting Type: Table Top / Wall / Ceiling