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Foremost, we are a social responsible company that believes in giving back to society. We would like to balance commercial, welfare of staff and add value to society. We are still consider a start-up, young and energetic company providing solution in:

  1. Solusight CVIM – Collaborative Video Images and Messaging Augmented Reality Solution
  2. Robots in home (consumer), commercial and industrial application.
  3. ERP in the Motorcar and General industry, providing Daily Operational Workflow Software or commonly known as ERP System.   

Solutions on Moverio
Solusight is a collaborative voice, video and messaging augmented reality solution tool for the enterprises on AR Glasses. Wearer of Epson Moverio 3D glasses start a video call session with a remote user on Android tablet, mobile or PC. Video session can be categorized, recorded and store on Solusight portal with search function from date, file name and category. categorization will make searching an easy task.
During the video call session, wearer of the glass or remote user can take snap shot and edit with words or draw lines to draw attention to specific areas of interest on the image. The image can be sent to the wearer of the glass or with instruction or indication of actionable item for the wearer of the glass to perform task or take a repair job. Vice Versa, the wearer of the glass can write or draw to send an image to the remote user for advice or instruction.

Office Location: Singapore and Indonesia.