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Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte

The Exhibition Canvas Matte is a cotton/poly blend that features a surface, which enables users to achieve fascinating, museum-grade image quality and durability. It comes with a high D-Max value and has the ability to reproduce smooth and fine skin tones. 

These poly-cotton canvases have high tensile strength and flexibility for gallery wrap stretching without cracking, giving the best combination of image quality and archival display life. 

Applications include museum quality photographic work and fine art work.
ขนาด: 44" x 40'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045259
ขนาด: 13" x 20'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045255
ขนาด: 17" x 40'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045256
ขนาด: 24" x 40'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045257
ขนาด: 36" x 40'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045258
ขนาด: 60" x 40'
นับ: 1 Roll
SKU: C13S045260
ขนาด: 17" x 22"
นับ: 25 sheets
SKU: C13S045261