Epson Robot G6

High Speed and Precision for Small Component Assembly

G Series robots have added water resistance and dust resistance to their class-leading speed, repeating and low residual vibration. With advanced features and functions, they can significantly boost productivity in a wide range of applications.

      • Handles payloads up to 6kg
      • Available with 450mm, 550mm or 650mm arm length



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Compact, High Speed and Powerful
Epson G6 robots are perfect for applications requiring high speed and high precision such as mechanical and electrical assembly, pick and place, kitting, dispensing and many others. Unique to the G6 is our new Max-E design which provides the maximum work envelope possible with an extremely compact footprint. Imagine doing jobs with a 550mm arm that previously required 600mm of reach. It’s now possible with the Epson G6 with Max-E.

All G6 robots are available in table top, ceiling or wall mount configurations. Each of the G6 robots are available in Clean/ESD, IP65 or IP54 configurations for cleanroom, static sensitive assembly processes, and food or material handling applications where washdown capabilities are required. With best in class working range, Epson G6 robots are the compact footprint champion. But don’t forget that Epson G6 robots have ultra fast cycles, high repeatabilities and of course our famous Epson reliability that is 2nd to none. In addition, our Micro PowerDrive RC180 controller and Epson RC+ development environment provide the power, high servo performance and industry leading ease of use that make Epson G6 SCARA robots the best choice for your next automation project.


Payload: Rated 3kg / Max 6kgArm Length: 450mm | 550mm | 650mmRepeatability: Joints #1, #2: ±0.015mm
Joint #3: ±0.01mm
Joint #4: ±0.005°Standard Cycle Time: 0.35sec | 0.36sec | 0.35secInstallation Environment: Standard / Cleanroom / ProtectionMounting Type: Table Top / Wall / Ceiling