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5 Top Paper Saving Tips for Your Epson Stylus TX111 All-In-One Printer

Save resources and help preserve the environment with these useful tips for saving paper with your Epson Stylus TX111 All-In-One:


TX110 Setup

The Epson Stylus TX111's Properties dialog box allows you to choose print quality and set paper size. You can save significant amounts of ink and paper by simply choosing the right paper size and choosing to print in draft mode.


TX110 Layout

The Epson Stylus TX111 can be set to print up to 4 pages to a page, saving you paper and printing time.


Tip 1: Optimise Driver Settings - For non quality critical documents like reference internet pages or emails, set your printer to print in draft mode or in black& white, and multiple pages on a sheet to maximize paper and ink usage. 2 pages to a sheet is reasonable for most documents, 4 to a sheet is good for presentation slides. You can save even more paper by printing on both sides of the paper by setting your word processor to print on odd pages first then even ones next.


Tip 2: Recycle - Conveniently locate two reuse/recycle paper trays where your Epson Stylus TX111 All-In-One printer is - one for discarded non-confidential single-sided prints for reuse for draft prints, and the other for unwanted double sided prints to be sent to paper recyclers.


Tip 3: Power Down - For office users of the Epson Stylus TX111, you can turn your printer's power off after hours and on weekends so as to save electricity.


Tip 4: Paper Configuration - In your printer setup - make sure your default paper size is set correctly - when first your install your printer, its printing properties may be set to the shorter but wider U.S. default 8 x 11-inch "letter" size instead of the common A4 size that is used in this region. The longer A4 paper setting allows for more lines to be printed. You can also decrease the default print margins, font size and line spacing so as to accommodate more text on a page. You need to set this by right clicking on your printer's icon in the ‘Printers &  Faxes' section of the Control Panel, otherwise the settings will not be remembered by your computer.


Tip 5: Preview Prints - As far as possible, preview your prints before hitting the print button. You can then optimize the pages being sent for print by adjusting page margins to accommodate more text and/or prevent paper wastage from printing pages with little text coverage. For document prints, use Microsoft Word's "shrink to fit" option that attempts to squeeze your text onto a single page.


Page Preview

Previewing your pages before printing allows you to adjust margins to accommodate more text, anticipate errors and optimize page / paper use.